Building FliteTest Foamies Helps Pass the Weary Winter Days

Well, with the winter setting in and the weather not being good enough for flying very often, I tried my hand at building some of the Flite Test foamboard planes. These went together very well. I hope they fly as good as they look! And to find out how to make these FliteTest planes, visit their website


Will spring ever get here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring-flowersWell, here I am  again at another weekend. A weekend that I had hoped would be warmer, dryer, and with little wind. Oh well, the wind is minimal… looks like I got one out of three of my wishes. Still, it’s kinda hard to even remotely think about going to the field with it still being so cold. And the idea of slipping and sliding through the snowy slush isn’t too appealing. I guess I’ll work on the website a bit today in the nice warmth of my home.

I know it may be wishing my life away……but I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive!!!!